Learning12 Fun Dussehra Activities For Kids 

12 Fun Dussehra Activities For Kids 

Dussehra, one of India’s most vibrant festivals, marks the victory of good over evil. While the essence of this celebration resonates deeply with adults, introducing Dussehra activities for our younger generation, especially through a Dussehra activity in school, can make it engaging and meaningful.

After all, they’re the torchbearers of our traditions! Celebrating Dussehra with kids doesn’t just have to be about rituals and customs; it can be packed with fun, laughter, and valuable lessons.

From crafting to cooking, storytelling to dancing, there’s a plethora of Dussehra activities that blend the joy of festivity with insightful learning. Dive into this guide to discover some delightful and memorable ways to immerse your children in the spirit of Dussehra.

Let’s ensure they look forward to this time of the year, not just for the holidays, but for the colorful array of experiences a Dussehra activity brings!

Discover the best Dussehra activities for kids, tailored especially for school settings. These curated activities make learning about the festival both fun and enlightening for young minds.

1. Dussehra Storytelling

The tale of the Ramayana is more than just an epic story. From the birth of Lord Rama to his triumphant return to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana, the narrative offers ample opportunities to engage young minds. 

This Dussehra activity for kindergarten becomes more enriching when combined with visual aids like illustrated books or puppet shows. 

By comparing the virtues and flaws of the characters to everyday situations, teachers can make this epic both relatable and instructive for kindergarteners. 

Discussing the ethical choices of these legendary figures amplifies the timeless message of good prevailing over evil, making it an ideal Dussehra activity for kindergarten.

2. DIY Bow & Arrow Craft

Lord Rama’s weapon, the bow, and arrow, has always been a symbol of righteousness and power. Using safe, kid-friendly materials like cardboard, string, and some non-toxic paint, guide your children in crafting their bows and arrows. 

It’s a wonderful hands-on activity, encouraging them to follow instructions and think creatively. While crafting, talk about the symbolism behind Lord Rama’s weapon, emphasizing values like justice, discipline, and honor.

3. Ravana Effigy Making

Constructing a Ravana effigy can be a fun and educational DIY project. Provide kids with materials like paper, sticks, colors, and glue. 

As they assemble the effigy, narrate the story of Ravana’s ten heads, which represents various base emotions in humans. This craft can serve as an avenue to discuss controlling negative emotions and fostering positivity.

4. Dussehra Drawing & Coloring

Drawing serves as an excellent Dussehra activity for kindergarten. It allows children to express their understanding and feelings about the Ramayana. Distribute drawing sheets encourage them to sketch their favorite scenes or characters from the Ramayana. 

As they color, discuss the significance of the characters they’ve chosen, subtly introducing them to concepts of heroism, sacrifice, and devotion, making the drawing session a meaningful Dussehra activity for kids.

5. Traditional Dress Day

Indian festivals are synonymous with vibrant and traditional outfits. Arrange a day where kids can dress up in traditional Indian attire. 

It can serve as an occasion to teach them about different cultural outfits from various parts of India. Discuss the significance, history, and the story behind each garment.

6. Garba Dance

Garba, though primarily associated with Navratri, can be a fun way to involve kids in dance during Dussehra. Play folk songs, and teach them simple Garba moves. Dancing is not only physically active but also helps children appreciate the rich musical heritage of India.

7. Cook Together

Dussehra has its culinary delights. Engage kids in cooking simple festive snacks. As you cook, discuss the origin of each dish and why it’s significant. 

It’s an engaging way to teach children about ingredients, culinary practices, and the cultural importance of food during festivals.

8. Make Dussehra Cards

Crafting greeting cards is a popular Dussehra activity in school that is both fun and educative. Provide materials like colored paper, stickers, and glitter. 

Encourage kids to make cards that symbolize Dussehra themes. This activity enhances their creativity and emphasizes the importance of personal touch in gifts.

9. Watch a Ramayana Cartoon Show/Movie

In today’s digital age, many animated versions of Ramayana are tailored for children. They’re engaging and easy to comprehend. Post-watching, discuss the episodes, ensuring that they’ve grasped the core values and lessons from the epic. This is one of the best Dussehra activities for preschoolers.

10. Dussehra-themed Games

Organizing themed games, especially an activity on Dussehra like a Ramayana treasure hunt with clues related to the story, can be both fun and informative. It makes children recall events and characters from the epic, reinforcing their understanding.

11. Visit a Dussehra Fair

Many cities in India host grand Dussehra fairs. Visiting one gives children a firsthand experience of the festival’s grandeur, from puppet shows to traditional games. It’s an excellent opportunity for them to observe and learn.

12. Community Involvement

Participating in local community celebrations like Ravana effigy burning or attending a Ramayana play can instill a sense of community in children. It teaches them about collective celebration, unity, and the importance of community bonds during festivals.


Introducing a Dussehra activity at school can foster both cultural appreciation and festive excitement among students. 

As educators and parents, emphasizing the importance of a dedicated Dussehra activity in school ensures that traditions are passed on in a fun, educational manner. Let’s make this Dussehra memorable with enriching experiences for our young learners.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Dussehra activity for kids often involves engaging crafts, storytelling, or plays based on the Ramayana. These activities not only entertain but also educate children about the cultural significance of the festival.

Celebrate Dussehra at home by reading or enacting stories from the Ramayana, making festive crafts, lighting up your home, and preparing traditional dishes. It’s a time for reflection, joy, and keeping traditions alive within the family setting.

Dussehra primarily teaches the triumph of good over evil, emphasizing values like righteousness, bravery, and moral integrity. It inspires individuals to confront and overcome challenges while upholding virtuous principles.

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