New Christmas Movies on Netflix in 2024

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to usher in the festive spirit than with a cosy blanket, a cup of hot cocoa, and a lineup of heartwarming Christmas movies? 

In recent years, Netflix has become a go-to platform for those seeking a dose of holiday cheer. As we venture into 2023, let’s explore the magic that awaits in the world of new Christmas movies on Netflix.

This is Netflix’s new holiday movie. Molly, a struggling caterer, gets hired by perfectionist Jean for the Harrison Foundation’s Christmas Gala. Molly falls for Jean’s nephew, Carson, who isn’t interested in running the foundation. Molly takes Carson on a journey to show him the positive impact of his family’s foundation.

2. Best. Christmas. Ever

In a tale of holiday envy, Charlotte and Rob Sanders feel overshadowed by the perfect life detailed in Jackie Jennings’ annual Christmas letter. Charlotte’s attempt to debunk the seemingly flawless Jennings family leads to misunderstandings, accusations, and a snowed-in Christmas at the Jennings’ home. 

The climax involves a solar-powered hot air balloon, revealing hidden connections and a festive collaboration between the two families. The epilogue sees a joint Christmas letter, blending Charlotte’s invention with the Jennings’ NGO, bridging the gap between their seemingly disparate lives.

3. Christmas at The Drive-in

Christmas at The Drive-in

A lawyer for properties tries to show that the town’s Drive-In Theater, an important local place, shouldn’t be closed during the holidays. Along the way, she finds romance with the person who is trying to sell the property.

4. Family Switch

The Walker family in Los Angeles faces division due to differing perspectives. With Christmas approaching, an unusual event during a planetary alignment results in the family members swapping bodies. In their new identities, they encounter humorous and challenging situations. 

Determined to return to normal, the family embarks on a quest involving unexpected revelations and sacrifices. The story explores themes of understanding, acceptance, and the importance of family bonds, leading to a heartwarming resolution.

5. A Brush With Christmas

A Brush With Christmas

Charlotte is good at art and helps her mom with the family restaurant. She enters a painting into the Christmas art festival but decides she doesn’t like it and throws it away. Wyatt, who likes the painting, tries to find out who the artist is because it has captured his heart.

6. B & B Merry

Tracey, who writes about her travels, gets invited by Graham for a Christmas vacation at his family’s cozy bed and breakfast. The small place is having a hard time because a big hotel resort is taking away their guests. This is making it tough for Graham’s family business to survive.

7. Fall Into Winter

Fall Into Winter

Kelly has to work with Brooks, who was her brother’s best friend in high school and now owns half of Kelly’s family candy shop.

8. A Merry Christmas Wish

When Janie’s great-uncle dies, she, an advertising executive in NYC, goes back to her hometown, Woodland Falls. Surprisingly, her great-uncle leaves her their family home, where she grew up. 

She meets up with Dylan, her childhood friend, who is now a good-looking farmer. To fulfill her great-uncle’s wish, Janie teams up with Dylan to save their hometown’s holiday festival, Winter Wonderland.

9. I’m Glad It’s Christmas

I’m Glad It’s Christmas

Cora works hard to help Holly, a sales clerk with Broadway dreams, and Jason, a jingle writer and single dad, come together for the town’s holiday concert.

10. Christmas As Usual

Thea is heading to her countryside hometown to celebrate a traditional Norwegian Christmas with her family. This time, she’s bringing along her boyfriend, Jashan, who is from India. This visit is going to shake up everyone’s expectations and traditions.

11. I Hate Christmas

Gianna, a content and single nurse from Chioggia, is resolute in sidestepping the typical inquiries about her romantic life during the holiday season. To tackle this, she formulates a strategy to secure a boyfriend to accompany her home for Christmas.


To sum it up, the buzz about the new Christmas movies on Netflix shows how special the holiday season is. As we watch these movies full of warmth and joy, let’s get into the Christmas spirit by enjoying the variety of captivating films Netflix has to offer.

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