8 Best Contract Marriage K-Dramas That You Will Love


Yeon-woo time-travels 200 years to 2023 & meets Tae-Ha resembling her late husband. They both enter into a contract marriage to honor Tae-ha's grandfather's wish.

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract

Han Yi-Joo dies in 2023, time travels to 2022 for revenge. She enters into a contract marriage with Seo Do-guk to accomplish this goal.

Perfect Marriage Revenge

IT employee Nam Se-hee and writer Yoon Ji-ho entered a contract marriage for two years, living as landlord and tenant with shared goals and values.

Because This is My First Life

The series portrays a contract marriage between Do-hee, heiress, and Gu-won, a demon losing powers. Their temporary bond brings unexpected joy.

My Demon

Yoon Sae-bom secures apartment by marrying. She convinces her high school friend Jung Yi-hyun, now a detective, to be her fake husband.


This show features a "single life helper" who acts as a spouse for events like couples' gatherings. Highlights unique dynamics of contract marriages for social needs.

Love in Contract

Lee Gun and Kim Mi Young accidentally marry after a one-night stand. Comedy ensues as they navigate family pressure and unexpected love.

Fated to Love You

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