8 Best K-Dramas With A Serial Killer Storyline


Cha Ji-Won marries Baek Hee-Sung, they have a daughter. He seems like a family man, but he's living in disguise, unknown to his family.

1. Flower Of Evil (2020)

A cold case resurfaces in a small town, and two policemen with their own secrets hunt for the truth in a new killing.

2. Beyond Evil (2021)

A trainee woman working on a murder case grows close to a prosecutor but becomes a suspect, turning their relationship upside down.

3. Less Than Evil (2018)

Trainee woman bonds with a prosecutor on a murder case but becomes a suspect, taking a turn in their relationship.

4. Suspicious Partner  (2017)

Novice police officer Bareum partners with notorious detective Muchi to catch a psychopathic criminal in Gudong town.

5. Mouse (2021)

A successful detective and talented rookie cop team up to catch the killer of their loved ones using voice profiling.

6. Voice (2017-2021)

A detective pursues a serial killer 30 years into the future and teams up with detectives of that era to track down the culprit.

7. Tunnel (2017)

Dong Baek, a psychometrist detective, partners with profiler Han Sunmi to use his superpowers to track down criminals, including serial killers.

8. Memorist (2020)

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