8 Best K-Dramas Without Kissing Scenes


Geu-ru and ex-convict Uncle Sang-gu run a trauma cleaning company. Amidst untold stories and painful pasts, they bond after Geu-ru's father's death.

Move to Heaven

Hong Ji-ah, a real estate broker and exorcist, teams up with con artist Oh In-beom to solve the mysteries of their family members' deaths 20 years ago.

Sell Your Haunted House

Demon hunters pose as noodle restaurant staff. So Moon leads with Do Ha Na's sensing, Ga Mo Tak's strength, Chu Mae Ok's healing, and Choi Jang Mool's leadership.

The Uncanny Counter

A veterinarian with psychometric powers and a hot-blooded detective face a dangerous criminal investigation in the small town of Mujin, Chungcheong-do.

Behind Your Touch

This show follows two young boxers who enter the world of private loans for money but become entangled in a powerful force.


This show depicts a struggling young woman caring for her sick grandmother. She forms a bond with a miserable supervisor, healing each other's scars.

My Mister

Private soldier Jun Ho unexpectedly joins the military defector arrest team, capturing deserters and facing the reasons behind their actions.


Kim Sung-ryong, a CPA, plans embezzlement at TQ Group but fights for employee rights instead.

Good Manager

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