8 Best KDrama Quotes About The Heirs


“You have to at least be alive so you can be soup or rice! Soup or rice, Kim Tan!” – Han Ki Ae

“You really can’t win over someone who insists on arguing.” – Choi Young Do

“It’s not the age that makes you go through adolescence. It’s circumstances.” – Kim Won

“Stop worrying over uncertainty. Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. Fight it when it’s in your face.” – Yoon Chan Young

“Friends can be potential enemies. Because they know too much about each other.” –Kim Tan

“There’s no need to be forceful in looking beautiful.” – Esther Lee

“I wasn’t embarrassed about being poor but about lying.” – Cha Eun Sang

“I always have plans, I just don’t have the courage.” – Kim Tan

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