8 Best One-Night Stand Korean Dramas


Jin-wook and Yoo-mi have a one-night stand at a resort, but she disappears in the morning. They reunite years later, facing family drama but eventually finding love again.

My Secret Romance

On vacation, Mi Yeong has a one-night stand with a wealthy man, leading to pregnancy. This encounter transforms her into a confident, attractive woman.

Fated to Love You

The top shoe designer, known as "Gold Miss" for her success and single status, has a drunken one-night stand with a counterfeit shoe peddler, resulting in pregnancy.

I Do, I Do

A romantic TV series follows two women, both named Oh Hae Young, linked by destiny with Park Do Kyung, who possesses the ability to see the future.

Another Miss Oh

Two college students become accidental parents after a vacation one-night stand. They marry and navigate their new life together in 'Wonderful Life'.

Wonderful Life

A romantic melodrama follows four resilient men in their forties, facing life's challenges and triumphs as they embrace their second prime.

A Gentleman's Dignity

Yun Hwa becomes stepsisters with Yu Ra, but Yu Ra resents it due to Yun Hwa's relationship with her crush, Yun Jae. Yu Ra takes everything from Yun Hwa in a tragic turn.

Yellow Boots

Ho Goo, inexperienced in dating, reunites with his first love, Do Hee, a driven national swimmer. Their encounter leads to complex romance and risky friendships.

Ho Goo's Love

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