8 K-Dramas About K-Pop Idols


Lee Ma-ha impersonates La Ri-ma and joins the Tea Party for a second chance. Her secret romance with Shax's Ryok faces career risks amid rivalry with Sparkling led by Yu-jin.


Top star Hoo Joon and anti-fan reporter Lee Geun-young are forced to live together on a TV show, sparking an unexpected romance.

So I Married An Anti-Fan

Six students at Kirin High School pursue their dreams of becoming K-pop idols, navigating personal growth, friendships, and budding romances along the way.

Dream High

A producer questions idol-making takes a break and returns to launch a co-ed group with trainees, leading to peculiar training for their debut.

Part-Time Idol

K-pop girl group Cotton Candy faces disbandment after neglect from Starpeace Entertainment. They fight against industry challenges to win No. 1 on a music show before disbanding.

Idol: The Coup

The series centers on Yoon Tae-in, the lead singer of the idol band Luna, who suffers from sleepwalking. He secretly seeks help from a live-in doctor In Yoon-ju to cure his condition.

Let Me Be Your Knight

The story revolves around Eun-sung, a former girl idol trainee with future foresight abilities, who becomes the manager of the struggling boy idol group "S.O.U.L."

Top Management

Pop idol Yoo Hyun-Jae time-travels from 1993 to 2017, investigating his disappearance while adjusting to the future. Aspiring musician Lee Ji-Hoon hides his idol training from his parents.

Hit The Top

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