8 K-Dramas About Past Life & Reincarnation from 2023


Ban Ji-eum, reliving countless lives, remembers all. After a tragic end in her eighteenth, she seeks a reunion with her past love in her nineteenth.

See You in My 19th Life

"Destined With You" follows Lee Hong-jo and Jang Shin-yu's forbidden romance, intertwined with a cursed book sealed for 300 years, bringing turmoil to their lives.

Destined With You

It is about 19th-century Park Yeon-Woo who time travels to the 21st century where she meets Kang Tae-Ha, a rich businessman who looks like Yeon-Woo’s late husband.

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract

Do Do-hee, a feisty heiress, enters a contract marriage with Jeong Gu-won, a temporary powerless demon, leading to unexpected joy.

My Demon

Cheon Sang Hyuk, a charming fairy, undergoes 27 transformations to restore his wings. He meets veterinarian Oh Baek Ryun, seeking true love despite past failures.

My Man Is Cupid

The series follows a man trapped in time by his lover's betrayal and a woman with no memory of her past, living in continuous time loops.

Moon in The Day

The series follows grim reaper Kokdu punishing humans every 99 years. He teams up with Dr. Han Gye-jeol, a doctor with mysterious powers.

Kokdu: Season of Deity

Two noblewomen from the Joseon dynasty become involved with men through time travel, finding themselves in the present day of 2023.

Durian’s Affair

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