8 Sad KDrama Quotes That Will Break Your Heart


“In our next life, I will make sure to be born with long life and stay by your side for a long while. I will beg the divinity to just let me do that.” - Ji Eun Tak , Goblin

“It was painful. When you looked at me, when you smiled at me, when you encouraged me. Knowing that I didn’t fully deserve it tore me apart.” - Nam Do San, Start-Up

“Can’t we see each other again? I will never get to see you again? Forever? What should I do when I miss you so much?” - Yoon Se Ri, Crash Landing on You

Tell me to go. Tell me to leave. Please I’m asking someone’s permission for the first time in my life If you stop me, I can’t leave. - Lee Gon, The King: Eternal Monarch

“It’s easy for you since you’ll forget about me and live on, but I have to stay here by myself and repeat the memories again.” - Oh Yeon Joo, W: Two Worlds

“I pray that in our next life, the wait will be short and the meaning shall be long.” – Sunny, Goblin

“When your heart doesn’t tell the truth, pain gives the answer.” - Master’s Sun

“You told me you wouldn’t let go of my hand.” - Goblin

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