8 Second Chance Romantic K-Dramas You Should Watch


Follows exes Choi Ung and Kook Yeon-soo, reunited by viral high school documentary. Amidst reliving the past, they navigate love's complexities, revealing romance in subtle gestures.

Our Beloved Summer

Jung Da-jung & Hong Dae-young's relationship faces a crisis. Dae-young gets 2nd chance as his 18-year-old self. He reconnects with family to mend relationships.

18 Again 

Choi Ban-do and Ma Jin-joo, both 38 and unhappy, wake up as 20-year-olds in the 90s. They seize the chance to make new choices, affecting their loved ones.

Go Back Couple

Jin-wook and Yoo-mi have a one-night stand at a resort, but she disappears in the morning. They reunite years later, facing family drama but eventually finding love again.

My Secret Romance

Bok-soo is expelled from a prestigious high school and returns years later to expose corruption, reconcile with lost love, and rebuild the school's integrity.

My Strange Hero

After a magical incident, Cha Joo-hyuk's life changes drastically. He navigates a new life, wondering about his first love Lee Hye-won's role and if he can reclaim his old life.

Familiar Wife

A Young couple faces family opposition, divorce, and pursuing medical careers. Fate reunites them as interns in the ER, offering a second chance at love.

Emergency Couple

Park Jae-won, an architect, meets Lee Eun-o at the beach, they fall in love and get married but Eun-o disappears from Jae-won’s life. But fate brings them together again.

Lovestruck in the City

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