8 Best Family Bond K-Dramas You Need to Watch


TV producer Yoon-hee marries a doctor, hoping for an in-law-free life. But his family turns out to be her next-door neighbours, leading to chaos and clashes.

Unexpected You

Widower Cha Soon-bong raises three kids. He struggles for a family bond amid selfish kids. His patience wears thin as their behaviour worsens.

What's with This Family 

Lee Jin Sook considers divorce as her family fractures. When her husband falls ill, she demands her children return home to care for him, altering their plans.

My Unfamiliar Family

A middle-class family near Seoul, comprising parents, three daughters, and a son, faces upheaval when a celebrity arrives, claiming to be their lost son.

Father Is Strange

The drama follows the Park family led by widower Park Hyo-seob. Eldest daughter Sun-ha becomes the maternal figure while Yoo-ha sacrifices her medical career for love.

Marry Me Now

A father-daughter drama depicts love, hate, and reconciliation. Seo Young strives for success, cutting ties with her poor family, but her father's love endures despite their estrangement.

Seoyoung, My Daughter

Kang Dong-seok, a successful but arrogant prosecutor, returns to his hometown after 15 years, reconnecting with family and love. His misfit siblings bring new challenges and bonds.

Wonderful Days

Jin-ae struggles as her mother favors her brother. She marries her boss's son, Kang Hoon-jae. Facing challenges with her mother-in-law, she gains newfound empathy for her mother.

All About My Mom

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