8 Best Food & Cooking Related K-Dramas 


Na Bong-sun, a timid chef, gets possessed by a lustful ghost, Shin Soon-ae. She transforms into a confident woman, catching her boss's eye.

Oh My Ghost

Love story happens in "Hungry Wok," a small restaurant owned by ex-gangster Chil-sung. Chef Poong and rich girl Sae-woo find shelter there, starting an exciting story.

Wok of Love

The story is about a man dreamed of being a cook but became a neurosurgeon, and a woman became a cook because of him.


Yoo-kyung dreams of being an Italian chef at La Sfera. New chef Hyun-wook shakes things up, sparking competition with Sae-young.


Producer Do-hee and psychiatrist Hae-kyung meet randomly, bond over dinners, agreeing to be "dinner mates" without sharing personal info.

Dinner Mate

Head chef Bong-hwan's life flips when he swaps bodies with Joseon Queen Cheorin. He cooks to win favor, but uncovers royal secrets and the king's dark side.

Mr. Queen

Kim Sam-soon, a talented baker, becomes a pretend girlfriend for Hyun Jin-heon, a restaurateur. Despite challenges, they choose to be together and face the future with determination.

My Lovely Sam Soon

Grandson Han-gyeol hires tomboy Eun-chan to pose as his gay lover to avoid blind dates. They work at Coffee Prince, where romance brews despite mistaken identities, stirring up Han-gyeol's confusion.

Coffee Prince

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