Best Jungkook Quotes That All BTS Fans Should Read

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"I'd rather die than live without passion." — Jungkook

"When people are in love, the heart for compromising and understanding each other is the most important." — Jungkook

"I can’t just say ‘cheer up no matter what’, but in the midst of that difficulty, try to find that small happiness." — Jungkook

"There’s no knowing what will come, but hard work will get us somewhere." — Jungkook

"My wish is for you to move on from relationships that aren’t equal. You deserve to be loved." — Jungkook

"Isn't a man someone who doesn't care about what others think? A man does whatever he wants." — Jungkook

"To bare someone your honest self and true emotions, that’s something I find really difficult to do." — Jungkook.

"Regrets… revisiting what you didn’t do well, it won’t help you. The past is the past. Let’s try to be a big person with a big heart." — Jungkook

"Even if we have hard times, it matters a lot when we are happy." — Jungkook

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