Best K-Drama Kissing Scenes of All Time


Dong-chan and Mi-ran kissing each other right by the door across from the shower are one of the most passionate kissing scenes.

1. Melting Me Softly

Ryan Gold and Sung Deok-mi share a passionate kiss in the art gallery.

2. Her Private Life

The entire make-out scene from Episode 13 has to this day been called one of the most legendary kissing scenes from a K-drama.

3. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Gang-tae grabs Mun-young’s face and kisses her surely gave butterflies to all fans watching episode 11 of the show.

4. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Ji-wook passionately kisses Bong-hee, the scene starts mellow but soon intensifies.

5. Suspicious Partner

When Na-bi had a dream that Jae-eon was at her door during Episode 2. The kiss was so intense.

6. Nevertheless

CEO Eun Hwan-ki and  Chae Ro-woon kiss under the shower. The scene is intense.

7. Introverted Boss

The kiss between Kang Tae-moo and Shin Ha-ri from episode 11 was extremely sensual

8. A Business Proposal

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