Best KDrama Quotes About Life


“Life isn’t so fair for all of us. Some spend their whole lives on unpaved roads, while some run at full speed only to reach the edge of a cliff.” – Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

“No one else will take responsibility for your life. So keep your head on straight.” – Nevertheless

“Everyone has a mountain in their own heart. Some go up mountains to live, and some go up to die.” – Jirisan

“Live every day as if it were your last and be happy. ” – You Are My Spring

“Don’t do something you’ll regret. Regret is the most painful thing in life.” – Vincenzo

“You said I’m going to fail, but I’m still going to try because I haven’t done anything yet.” – Sisyphus: The Myth

“This will be an excruciatingly long fight. Even if you only see a tiny shred of hope, hold on to it. And do not let it go.” – One Ordinary Day

“Thanks to our pasts, we turned out to be strong and independent people.” – Youth Of May

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