Best Legal KDrama According to IMDb


A tragic event at a prestigious school challenges law and justice. A tough professor and ambitious students seek truth and accountability.

1. Law School - 8.5

The drama follows the lives and work of prosecutors in fictional Jinyoung city. Each character, from veteran to single mother, has a unique story to tell.

2. Diary Of A Prosecutor - 8.2

On death row and with amnesia, a prosecutor fights to uncover the truth and clear his name in a gripping tale of innocence and justice.

3. Innocent Defendant - 8.1

In a murder case, a trainee becomes close to a prosecutor, but when she is suspected, their relationship is tested.

4. Suspicious Partner - 7.9

Two rival attorneys with high-class clients stop at nothing to achieve success in a cutthroat environment where ambition rules.

5. Hyena -7.8

A compassionate judge and principled rookie team up, navigating the legal system and those they serve in a powerful and unlikely partnership.

6. Ms. Hammurabi - 7.6

The son of a judge is involved in a hit-and-run with a mafia member. His father covers it up to protect him, in a web of family loyalty and justice.

7. Your Honor - 7.6

Prosecutor Ma Yi-deum, known for using any means to win, is transferred to a sex crimes department. New lawyer Yeo Jin-wook reluctantly assists.

8. Witch's Court - 7.6

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