Best Love Quotes From K-Drama


Do you know what my love for you and this credit card have in common? They both have no limit. There's no limit at all."—Business Proposal

"You're someone who I always want to get to know. That's why I want to see you."— Yumi's Cells

"Whatever you do, or no matter how you look, I'm in love with you for who you are."— Twenty Five, Twenty One

"I'm happy just being with you. For me to be happy, I have to be with you!"— Extraordinary Attorney Woo

"It wasn't a mistake. And I don't regret it. I like you."— The Interest Of Love

"I guess I wanted to see you love me. I wanted to see you love only me."— Our Beloved Summer

"Love is what can make even the roughest person become as soft as the sand on the beach."— Nevertheless

"Love me to the point that you want to destroy the world for me."— Doom At Your Service

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