Best Medical K-Drama According to IMDb


5 doctors, friends since undergrad, share a love for music and remain close while working together at the hospital.

1. Hospital Playlist: 8.7

A renowned surgeon known as "Hand of God" vanishes and reappears as "Teacher Kim" at a small hospital, mentoring young doctors.

2. Dr Romantic: 8.3

As they confront their pasts, two skilled doctors strive to diagnose patients with unexplained pain that others have failed to treat.

3. Doctor John: 8.2

Despite facing discrimination, an autistic savant strives to become a pediatrician, utilizing his exceptional abilities to achieve his aspirations.

4. Good Doctor: 8.1

The show focuses on the activities and personnel of the thoracic surgery department within a hospital.

5. Heart Surgeons: 7.9

In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in Seoul, a team of regular doctors and rescue workers risk their lives to save those affected.

6. D-Day: 7.8

After being fired from a hospital, a skilled ER doctor seeks revenge by befriending high-profile prisoners, in this tale of ambition and betrayal.

7. Doctor Prisoner: 7.7

Conflict arises between a patient-focused ER doctor and a business-minded director at South Korea's top university hospital.

8. Life: 7.6

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