Best Quotes From Goblin - K-Drama


“To whom am I praying? Deities don’t exist.” – Eun-Ta

“Do not pray to anyone. No one is listening.” – Goblin/ Kim Shin

“Live in reality, not in rumors … because you aren’t the Goblin’s bride.” – Goblin/ Kim Shin

“If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with.” – Eun-Tak

“I once thought considered my endless life a  reward. In the end, it’s  a punishment” – Goblin/ Kim Shin

“I pray that in our next life, the wait will be short and the meaning shall be long.” – Sunny

“I’d like to appear smart and perfect all the time” – Goblin/ Kim Shin

“Every moment I spent with you shines.” – Goblin/ Kim Shin

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