8 Best Soul-Swap K-Dramas to Watch


Head chef Bong-hwan's life flips when he swaps bodies with Joseon Queen Cheorin. He cooks to win favor, but uncovers royal secrets and the king's dark side.

Mr. Queen

Pontifex Rembrary battles evil in Other World, then gets sent to present, stuck in K-pop idol's body. He's clueless but aims to go back, defeat Evil One, and save both worlds.

The Heavenly Idol

In Daeho, mages grapple with "alchemy of souls," switching bodies. Nak-su trapped in Mu-deok's body, serves noble Jang Uk, teaching skills and love blooms.

Alchemy of Souls

A CEO and stuntwoman's love story complicates with body switching. Despite obstacles and family disapproval, they marry amidst a tangled web of relationships.

Secret Garden

A determined detective shares his body with a con artist's soul, navigating chaos while falling for a spirited reporter in this intriguing love story.

Two Cops

Yoon Hyun-woo wakes up in 1987 in Jin Do-jun's body. Seeking revenge on Soonyang Group for betrayal, he plots a takeover amid chaebol power and the 1997 financial crisis.

Reborn Rich

Na Bong-sun, a timid chef, gets possessed by a lustful ghost, Shin Soon-ae. She transforms into a confident woman, catching her boss's eye.

Oh My Ghost

Struggling teacher engaged to a doctor faces turmoil as fiancé switches bodies with a teenager after a car accident, sparking a complex love triangle.


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