BTS Members' Birth Flowers, And Their Significance


BTS members' birth flowers vary, reflecting unique personalities. Let’s take a look!

Kim Nam-joon, BTS leader, born Sept 12, 1994. His representative flower is Clematis, symbolizing mental power, beauty, stubbornness, wit, and determination.

RM - Clematis

Jin's birth flower, Rumex, is small, red, and pot-shaped, symbolizing affection and tenderness. It also represents wit, albeit sometimes misplaced timing.

Jin - Rumex

Born March 9, 1993, SUGA’s birth flower is Larch, symbolizing motivation & consistency. Its pink, pine-shaped appearance reflects perseverance through challenges despite failures.

SUGA - Larch

Born February 18, 1994, j-hope's birth flower is the Buttercup, reflecting qualities of cleanliness, childishness, and charisma, mirroring its name.

J-hope - Buttercup

The idol, born December 30, is associated with Carolina Allspice, symbolizing tender love and affection with its dark-red, fragrant, lengthy petals.

V - Carolina Allspice

The idol, born October 13, 1995, is represented by the Spirea flower, echoing grace, elegance, and refinement, valued in Celtic culture.

Jimin - Spirea

BTS member Jungkook's birth flower is Tiger Lily, symbolizing pride, confidence, and positivity. Born on September 1, 1997, it reflects his bright and daring personality.

Jungkook - Tiger Lily

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