Highest-Rated Korean Dramas Of 2023 According To IMDb Rating


Amidst South Korea's turbulent 80s-90s, 3 youths fiercely fight to protect their dreams, friendship, and first love in this series.

1. Oasis - 8.7

Woojoo seeks revenge for her family's homelessness, but her perception of Dongjin, her supposed enemy, changes when she discovers his kind nature.

2. Call It Love - 8.2

Hong Tae-ra becomes the first lady to protect her family and seek revenge against those who controlled her fate and shattered her memory.

3. Pandora: Beneath The Paradise - 8.1

A young woman bullied to the point of dropping out of school becomes a primary teacher and takes in her tormentor's son to exact revenge.

4. The Glory - 8.1

A comedic investigative drama, where a taxi driver fulfills ghosts' last wishes.

5. Delivery Man - 8

The story follows a cursed crown prince and a brilliant girl accused of murdering her family.

6. Our Blooming Youth - 8

The series follows Go Ah-in as she becomes the first female executive of a major advertising agency.

7. Agency - 8

A kind-hearted woman enters the competitive private education industry when her daughter wants to attend a popular math class taught by a celebrity instructor.

8. Crash Course in Romance - 7.9

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