6 K-Dramas: South Korea's Intense School System


In this show, affluent Korean families in a residential area fiercely push their children to excel academically for admission to top universities.

Sky Castle

Families in the drama resort to extreme measures for their kids' school admissions, causing intense pressure and leading to mental breakdowns.

The Penthouse: War in Life

Two contrasting high schoolers meet a magician who brings magic into their lives, one abandoned and dreaming of adulthood, the other pressured by wealthy parents to excel academically.

The Sound of Magic

This story is about 5 moms who became friends in elementary school. They deal with pressures to make their kids succeed from a young age.

The Green Mothers Club

Banchan shop owner's daughter enters Korea's college entrance exam war, meets top hagwon instructor. Explores parental obsession for success.

Crash Course in Romance

Luxurious Jeju island school for wealthy women's kids hides secrets amidst top-notch education.

High Class

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