8 K-Dramas With Fake Dating Trope


Lee Jae-in, a wealthy heir, must marry to inherit. He enters a fake relationship with Kim Da-hyun, an unsuspecting teacher his grandfather chose.

1% Of Something

Shin Ha-ri substitutes for her friend on a blind date, but it's with her boss, CEO Kang Tae-moo. He pays her to fake being his fiancée to avoid more dates set up by his grandfather.

Business Proposal

When rumours spread about Sung Deok-mi, a Cha Shi-an fangirl, dating Cha Shi-an, Ryan suggests they fake a relationship to shield her from Shi-an's zealous fans.

Her Private Life

In "Love to Hate You," lawyer Yeo Mi-ran and actor Nam Kang-ho reluctantly fake a relationship. Despite initial animosity, their fake romance blossoms into something real.

Love to Hate You

Cha Yoon Seo, a veterinarian, meets CEO Lee Kang Hoon after an incident. They start a contract relationship to ward off his mother's pressure for him to marry.

Noble, My Love

Han Se-gye, an A-list actress with a mysterious life, changes her appearance monthly. Seo Do-jae, an airline executive with face blindness, falls for her. They fake a relationship, leading to genuine love.

The Beauty Inside

Wealthy surgeon Gong Gi-tae fakes a relationship with shop girl Joo Jang-mi to appease his parents. Comedy ensues as they navigate love and marriage pressure.

Marriage, Not Dating

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