What Are The Favorite K-Dramas’ of BTS?

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These K-Drama recommendations have come straight from BTS. Take a look.

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RM really loves this Netflix thriller drama, Sweet Home.

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1. RM

Jin’s favorite K-Drama is Boys Over Flowers.

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2. Jin

During an interaction with ARMY Suga revealed that he likes the dark comedy thriller, Sky Castle.

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3. Suga

J-Hope recommended the hit romantic drama, Crash Landing On You.

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4. J-Hope

During an interaction with fans, Jimin revealed that he likes the period drama Kingdom.

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5. Jimin

V recommended Park Seo-Joon's, Itaewon Class.

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6. V

Jungkook is a huge fan of IU and thus his favorite K-Drama is Hotel Del Luna.

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7. Jungkook

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