Which Are The Favorite Snacks of BTS?

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Do you know what snacks BTS enjoy when they’re not on diet? Take a look!

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This is Jimin & Taehyung’s favorite snack. This snack is coated with a thin layer of honey.

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1. Ggool Kwabaegi

This is one of the favorite snacks of BTS. These chips have a sweet buttery flavor with a hint of honey on it. 

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2. Honey Butter Chips

Jungkook likes this snack. These are caramelized corn puffs available in different flavors.

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3. Banana Kick

These biscuits come with a chocolate filling inside a ball. These crispy soft cookies is another favorite BTS snack.

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4. Home Run Ball

J-Hope and V were seen eating Churros at the backstage of one of their show.

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5. Churros

This is a crispy seaweed snack. This snack was eaten by Jungkook in Vlive.

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6. Seaweed Chips

Cheetos are one of the favorite snacks of BTS. 

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7. Cheetos

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