LifestylePros and Cons of Silver Jewellery You Should Know 

Pros and Cons of Silver Jewellery You Should Know 

Silver is one of the most preferred metals when it comes to buying jewellery. Why? Because it is versatile, affordable and lasts for years.

Sometimes, a silver jewellery piece also gets passed on through generations, as a family heirloom. So many properties of silver make it a popular metal for jewellery.

However, there are some factors that might also make you think twice before buying silver jewellery. While there are many pros to buying silver jewellery, it has some cons too.

Every metal has its own properties and the same goes for silver. It needs special care so that it remains in its original condition.

So before you make big investments in silver jewellery, it is important to know its pros and cons. Here’s a brief guide to help.

1. Lustre

One of the most important and appreciated features of silver jewellery is that it has an attractive shine. New shiny silver ultimately gets a patina glow after getting worn out for a while. And this patina glow is a desirable shine for most jewellery lovers according to the book “The International Silver Trade”.

A little bit of wearing happens due to dings and scratches on the metal’s surface. The soft glow of the patina makes the jewellery look more attractive. Some jewellers even wear the jewellery pieces purposefully to bring this effect.

2. Value

Sterling silver is a precious metal. A sterling silver utensil is more expensive than stainless steel and it is worth it because the metal retains its shine and quality for a long time.

Old-age silver items including jewellery, utensils and even home decor pieces are often auctioned or traded according to their model, design and artisan signature.

People also pass silver jewellery through generations as it holds value and importance. Due to this reason, silver jewellery is considered an asset and is often insured.

3. Inexpensive

Sterling silver is a popular choice for yet another major reason: its price. Silver jewellery is affordable compared to other precious metals. When you compare it with the prices of gold, you would know that this precious metal can suit your budget.

4. Versatile

Silver jewellery can be paired with Indian, as well as Western wear. They go well with all kinds of looks you wish to carry and that is what makes silver jewellery the most sought-after metal. You can buy silver jewellery just once and can use them to create so many styles.

Pros of Silver Jewellery

1. Soft Metal

Sterling silver is a softer metal as compared to gold and platinum. This is where delving silver into jewellery becomes difficult for jewellers. And this property makes silver jewellery more prone to scratches and dents.

2. Reacts with Certain Chemicals

Silver is a reactive metal and it can react to certain chemicals in the environment which can lead to tarnishing.

3. Less Durable Than Gold And Platinum

If you do not take good care of silver, it might get wear and tear sooner. There are some keys to keep your jewellery clean and in its original shine. Make sure that you maintain the storage of the jewellery and keep getting it professionally cleaned after regular intervals.


Silver jewellery is ideal for everyday, as well as occasional uses. In fact, it is preferred by many people because of its versatility and easy maintenance. It is affordable and high quality and more durable than regular metals.

Apart from a few properties, every characteristic of this metal is attractive. So you can get them for your collection without a second thought. Just make sure that you give your jewellery the right care to help it last longer.

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